October 8th, 2021

Kernaghan urges Ford to provide relief on price at the pump

LONDON – NDP Consumer Protection critic Terence Kernaghan (London North Centre) has written to Doug Ford urging immediate action to address the rising cost of fuel, which is placing an unreasonable burden on Ontario families trying to get to work or see loved ones, and small businesses working hard to recover during the pandemic.

Gas prices are soaring to record highs in Ontario and are expected to hit $1.50 per litre in some areas. This comes despite Ford’s 2018 election promise to rein in the cost of fuel.

Premier Doug Ford
Room 281
Legislative Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, ON M7A 1A1


Premier Ford,

As Ontarians recover from the impacts of COVID-19, many families look forward to seeing their loved ones this Thanksgiving in a safe manner. Yet traveling within our province includes yet another burden: fuel cost. At a time when people deserve to see their relatives and gather safely and responsibly, the promise of lowered fuel cost remains unfulfilled. People are wondering when the promise your government made back in 2018 (of a 10 cent fuel reduction) will be kept. Premier, when will this promise be fulfilled?

Businesses have shouldered some of the greatest hardships throughout the pandemic. At this time when your government could support them by honouring the promise of decreased fuel costs, we instead see some of the highest prices in recent history. This unreasonable burden on small businesses and consumers jeopardizes our economic growth and threatens our future prosperity. Small business owners are our friends and neighbours. We need to do everything possible to ensure they keep their doors open and continue to support our communities for many years to come.

Experts indicate that we will continue to see fuel prices rise throughout the year. As Premier, Ontarians need you to lead and address this fuel price gouging crisis. Ontarians need you to lead from the front and not sit on the sidelines while regular people pay the price.

At this time, I am calling upon you to immediately address this price crisis and provide relief for Ontario’s families so that they may visit their families safely, without financial hardship and provide relief for our resilient small businesses so that they thrive and continue to drive our economy and support communities out of the pandemic.

Time is of the essence, Premier. I look forward to your response.


Terence Kernaghan

Attachment: Letter from MPP Kernaghan